Talkabout T900

Two-Way product

The Motorola Talkabout T900 Personal Interactive Communicator,
Even when you're away from the office, you'll still stay connected!

Increase productivity by getting the facts and responding to your business needs right where you are!
Trade text messages. Receive e-mail. Store contact info. Who needs a secretary when you can stay in 2-way contact with your team and clients? It's a multi-tasker's dream machine!

2-way Messaging

Trade text messages with clients, business partners, and family members too! Keep in touch with the important people in your life and set the plan from the palm of your hand!

Keep Your Contacts Handy

Store the contact info of 250 colleagues, clients, friends and family in the enhanced phone book. Room for four entries and e-mail addresses per contact.

Dependable Delivery

Be stress free! Confirmed Message Delivery helps to ensure you don't miss a message.

FLEX Technology

FLEX Protocol Technology extends battery life and improves reliability, keeping you connected with confidence.

Trade Info With E-ase

Swap messages and info with other PICs and even exchange Internet e-mail!

News You Can Use

Get stock quotes, news headlines, traffic reports, weather forecasts - and more! The Talkabout T900 PIC provides a wealth of valuable information.

Simple to Navigate

Easy-to-follow menu options, along with lighted QWERTY keyboard and large, 4-line display screen, make for a pleasurable 2-way experience.

Smaller is Better

Compact, colourful design is easy to take along and appealing to look at too!